Test Of Fate

A feeling of suffocation,

A feeling of being killed,

A feeling lingering so deep,

How can it be defiled?

A feeling so real that was,

A feeling of so much bliss,

A feeling to give in yourself,

In this love, in this kiss.

I think I knew or may be not,

I find it heavy, inside to rot,

I want or don’t want to lose,

Was he the right person I chose?

Uncertain things lying uncared,

I want to weep, but tears are spared,

Want things right but I am scared,

Now unattended are the things I shared.

Its a fault done by none,

It was serious, It was no fun,

I still feel burdened, but I still care,

What should I do? I feel so unfair.

Its not helping penning it down,

Its a test of faith and fate,

Let me just wait, let me just breath,

For time will settle down this state.

Worth The Risk

Yeah If I’ll just walk around the table,

I know my world isn’t gonna change,

But If I just walk towards you,

This world becomes so strange!

A happy feeling, keeps on reeling,

Words become dumb, I feel so numb!

You’re special, You’re real,

I don’t wanna write, I wanna feel.

I have a fear, that feelings might die,

This poetry of mine, will one day make me cry,

But the risk is worth a life,

I want to change this stupid strife.

‘Cause I want to make it true,

True to the core,

No matter what’s the crew,

With you, I wanna make it to the shore.

Yes, I’ve imagined life, imagined love,

A crazy feeling, a homely cove,

Little cute moments,

Tears that ferment,

Into smiles and laughter,

Echoing to distant miles,

In this life and after,

In a beautiful isle,

We’ll make a life of togetherness,

Of affection and tenderness.

I know I ain’t allowed to think so,

‘Cause we have our own life, our biggest foe,

But the love I bear, is worth the care,

Is worth the danger, and everything’s all fair!

So let me just live and dream,

With you in every of my realm,

With you lying beside me,

In the moonlit night, when I see

Us, counting stars in the galaxy so high,

A shooting star in the sky,

And you make a wish,

Looking into my eyes,

And there I know in a swish,

That you’re all mine in this time that flies.

And there I feel so calm and relieved,

‘Cause a beautiful life, now we have conceived!


A molded pot,

The resilient hands.

The icy frost,

The melting sunshine.

The erratic seasons,

The careless leaves drying.

The volatile dew drops,

The vanishing petals,

Childhood that crops,

Into dreadful dimes.

The age old wrinkles,

The fading rhyme.

Love that sprinkles,

On dead benches.

The building life,

The pain it wrenches.

The crushing pondering,

The violent heart.

Changing with tide,

If struck by the dart.

Like the ever-changing road,

In the ever-changing energy mode.

Can’t help the crowd,

If I surrogate.

Can’t help it loud,

If I switch.

For my wounds,

Are getting stitched.

As in this race,

Has taken place.


That Changed The Noesis.

Metamorphosis by charliesmyangel


The Boat Of Memoirs

I close my teary eyes,
Travelling back into time.
Flowing trhough the softly webbing waters,
In a boat of reminiscence.
Watching myself grow,
Grow from a tiny twig into a branch.
Watching the tree bloom,
Flower and fruit.
With the sole existence of him.
Spring and summers waved smileys.
Rainbow and showers captured moments,
Showtime of friendship,
Onrush of love.
In the sunny morning,
In the windy night,
Crazy tides and waves.
But the fiery storm held for us,
The off-set of life.
The waters upset,
Fierce and strong from the beholding of fate,
Struck a hole in the wooden ark.
Black waters flooded our souls.
Trying to save us, we drowned.
Drowned, our amour,
Drowned, our best-life.
Sunk to death, our noesis,
In a heart-beat.
We rose to level, lone.
And now, we stand charred.
Smithereened, yet strong.
Solitary in the crowded throng.
Hopeful, yet hapless.
In the clouds, yet flightless.
Salty waters, run like rivers,
I unfasten my smudjed kajal eyes.
Realizing reality,
I stand up to face the unknown strife.

Lazy Tuesday

Well well well, so to start with, I am having a very boring Tuesday over here in India, in my home-town. Peeps, I am just feeling too drowsy to start off a sweet poetry. After having lost touch with it, I am pretty possessive about it. I don’t want to lose it again but at the same time there is this Tuesday, boring Tuesday. No work, no college, no studies. I am on a vacation for 13 days! So, chilling out. Relaxing. Doing every shit I can. At some point of time, this ‘Do It Yourself’ creative shit hits me. I scroll down things on the net, decide on doing something and end up doing nothing.

Lying on the couch, sweet and cozy,

The morning windy rays hitting me hard,

I feel perfect and in bliss to start off,

My daily routine, my daily card.

But you see, this Tuesday ain’t a day for me,

‘Cause I am drowsy and lazy and chilled enough to see,

What this pretty morning holds, let itself behold,

For I am on vacation to feel the lovely cold!


That was, I don’t know what that was! Spare me peeps! I am just too much high! ;)



Carelessly treading, on the soft ferns,

Stamping on dirt, and loose corns.

Walking in the night of eeriness,

The heavy air and the windy stress.

On a distant land, at a distant time,

Among the hoods of the jungle rhyme,

A light, brighter than the brightest sun,

Soothing for the eyes, a lovable fun.

A warmth, redeeming the soul,

A touch, caressing us whole.

In the midst of misjudged strife,

Among the thorns of life,

Stood a bonfire that shivered

In my blood, glowing, not quivered.

Gave me chills in the heat of course,

I understood, the words hardly morose.

Spoken in depth, spoken so fine,

That beneath the shattered heart, lies a dime.

No matter how poor, no matter how much diseased,

There settles a bonfire in every life and the deceased.

Which speaks in the earthly tone,

Buzzes up and down in the mind like a drone.

That no matter how broken you are,

No matter how much happy songs are far,

You are not the bubble in the foam,

But, still the strong King of Rome!

(Image courtesy: DarkMoon by Marta Syrko, DeviantArt)

Hell Yeah!

Hell yeah! I am back! Free! Lovely it is so much! Freedom everywhere! I am experiencing heightened emotions! Spare me, seriously!

Well let’s get to the point. The Dainty Damsel has experienced enough fame that right now it makes me think something is missing. It looks monotonous with all the “just poetry” part. I am thinking of some additions here in my blog. ;)

Recently, I have honed up my passion for fashion. The journey looks amazing to me. The constant struggle in making the perfect illustration to the confusing colors I intend to add to my designs. The missing fabricly touch to the perfect slender legs. All and everything, in one go!

I am gonna add up another page in here and get you updates from my other Blog – The Eos (under construction). Hoping you to stay connected with me. :)