I walked down the road,

Towards the pine tree.

A whistling thrush released,

In the air of tenderness.

I rested my soul underneath,

Where black roses witnessed.

Black bird of the forest,

Shadowed over me.

The clouds hung low,

A drizzle and a rainbow followed.

I sat there drenched,

Waiting for a feeling long lost.

Till it came with the breeze,

My hairs waving in the wind.

I felt it strong deep within,

Lying in a broken grave.

A sweet scent filled the air,

Red-fingered poinsettia danced,

And I was lost in passions unearthed.

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I am a simpleton. I like blogging, art, music and literature. Fashion designing is something I would like to do always but never had the chance to. Painting is my life. Blogging is my time pass. And literature is something I always do. It makes me feel that '' I am someone '' in the world. Music is my soul. I cant live without it. It gives me peace and solace at times of utter need.

21 thoughts on “Revived”

  1. Ahhhh….I loved this….so refreshing….it is amazing how you bring the reader in the moment with you….I can sense your heart, and sense that we are kindred spirits….there is something a little extra special about your poetry….you really bring to life the emotions of the moment…really great job….

    1. Thank you so much!
      I just try my best to give life to those emotions that people need to understand or those important moments of life that I experience. And the best part, I really feel delighted when my readers understand the real meaning.:)

  2. I know what you mean….thats why I love feedback….its amazing to a writer to know they have touched a person on a personal and meaningful level….and a kind of healing takes place with that knowledge….I know it does for me….hence the joy we feel when we have accomplished what we set out to do with our words….:)

    1. It does for me too. Whenever I see loads of comments there’s always a big smile spread on my face and I love reading those comments and replying!😀
      Its a kind of encouragement!😀

  3. Yes, I found this mysterious and powerful, with images that took on a life of their own. One line I thought could be improved – “a drizzle and a rainbow followed”. “Followed” is a bit of an anticlimax.

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